Theyre very good animals. Everyone likes pandas~~

Don’t you try to flatter me!

I bet she would be super nice though~~ Tsuru-san is great~

EEEH?!?! What is a YOLO?! Kids sure are confusing these days?? Sooo weird~~

You can never be too old for Candy, Anon! Learn that well~

Maybe they would say “OOOH~ Admiral Kizaru~ Why aren’t you wearing any pants??” and it would be really awkward! They just didn’t fit ya know??

I think this might be why no one asked me if I wanted to be Fleet Admiral….

…Uh oh…


Are you crazy?! He would probably get really mad if he found out!

He’s always really mad! It would be best if he didn’t know, probably~

I don’t even think that is a word~

Don’t ask meee~ I’m just a child after all~

Don’t be silly~~ Everyone likes dinosaurs!

It WOULD be a crime~ and I am a Marine after all~ So I appreciate your self restraint!

Because, if not… I would have to blast you~

Well, this is duuumb!

OOOH!!! Yeees~~ OOH~ I like Jungle Book and Tarzan!!

It’s not that I CAN’T lift the sword out of the ground… it’s just that I don’t feeel like it.

S-Sakazuki wouldn’t do that! Bananas are good for you~ They’re not even a little bit evil! See I even found a picture on Google! SEEE!?

(Sakazuki please don’t do it!)

Buuuut~ I don’t think it would work out between us. After all, I am a famous Marine Admiral and you are but a strange man in silly pants with crazy ears!

While I cant say much for Cyborg Frankys career, his sense of style is simply AMAAAAAZING. (And thank you~)

… Yeaaah~ I don’t miss Sengoku-san at AAAALL~